Jerelyn Rodriguez

Co-Founder & CEO

Joe Carrano

Co-Founder & CTO

Adil Kabir

Teaching Assistant

Alyssa Brogan

Executive and Development Assistant

Ana Pichardo

Case Specialist

Antoinette Gregg

Development and Communications Manager

Camila Valentin

Program Manager

Constance Barnes

Director of Programs and Partnerships

Cris Mercado

Career Instructor and Talent Manager

Derrick Stroman

Business and Partnerships Manager

Dionel Then

Career Specialist

Generra Rodriguez

Recruitment and Community Engagement Coordinator

Guessan Effi

Executive Assistant

Ifetayo Abdus-Salam

Teaching and Learning Manager

Isabelle Kallman

Director of Operations

Jonathan Hernandez

Technical Instructor

Khalid Bennett

Fiscal and Grants Manager

Madeline Vera

Program and Data Manager

Malcolm Holliday

Teaching Assistant

Michael McCray

Web Developer

Nickala Epps

Recruitment and Case Specialist

Omar Felix

Usability Designer

Saphyere Redding

Recruitment and Case Specialist

As an organization, TKH is anti-racist and anti-poverty and is focused on building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization for its staff and participants. TKH has a staff of 18 of whom 90% identify as Black, Latino or Asian and are from or currently reside in the Bronx and share the lived experiences of participants. TKH takes pride in being the only tech-training organization in New York City, founded and led by a Black woman. TKH is governed by nine Board of Directors, led by our Board Chair, Charizma Williams, an African American woman and Chief Financial Officer at the American Civil Liberties Union. More than half of board members identify as people of color.

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