SINCE 2014, OVER 85% OF TKH STUDENTS HAVE GRADUATED, AND OVER 75% of alumni have successfully secured meaningful employment with salaries of more than $50,000.


The Knowledge House empowers and sustains a talent pipeline of technologists, entrepreneurs, and digital leaders, who will uplift their communities out of poverty.

We are a social change organization. We passionately believe that young people should be given the opportunity to succeed regardless of their financial circumstances or ethnic background. We educate, empower, and mentor New York City residents, from low-income communities with the technology and workplace skills needed to launch a successful career in the technology industry.

Through our digital skills programs, The Knowledge House is transforming the tech industry by building an army of talented workers equipped with the latest skills needed in today’s economy.

What Our Students are Saying

"I am a Black Latina, so I don’t see a lot of people that look like me in the field. The Knowledge House is making great strides in creating employment opportunities in diverse communities, making a long lasting impact, something of which I’m very proud to be a part of."

Jennifer Paulino

Front-End Web Developer

"Between the homework, group projects, interview practice, and career assignments, I was prepared for back-to-back video interviews with Microsoft employees when interviewing for admission into the Microsoft LEAP program. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without TKH."

Justin Thomas

Software Design Engineer

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