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Supporting a Talent-Driven Workforce

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Our new monthly giving clubs give everyone the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to The Knowledge House and make a difference the world.

Join us today to change the life of an aspiring technologist with a gift you can send every two weeks or monthly!

The True Cost of a Fellow:

A Fellow's 12-month journey comes with a significant investment of time and resources. Here's a breakdown of what it truly costs to support a Fellow throughout the year:



Stipends / Transport


Virtual Classroom




Wifi Connectivity


Tech Certs and Prep


Your Club Membership EMPOWERS aspiring technologists!

You can provide life transforming support for a Fellow with just a small contribution every two weeks or monthly:


Donor Spotlight

"Wealth creation that can disrupt trans-generational curses through non-traditional pathways is a model I will always champion, especially when our traditional education institutions fail to serve our communities with a holistic consideration of the inequities that keep us from aspiring. TKH’s innovative approach to creating alternative pathways that steward economic mobility for the most historically disinvested and resilient communities is why they will always have my support."

Ryan Williams

Advisory Services at Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nancy Carin

Mark Bedford

Tatiana Mangram

Helena Longair

Taqwann Fulton

Sue Griffey

Karen Griffey

Eryn Block

LaKeisha Jefferson

Robin Griffey

Mark Browning

Roshan Khanna

Nick Zeleniuch

Katharine Griffey

Alberto Mateo Alcantara

Lauren Bromage

Ronnie Silver

Charlie Barre

Alex Stanton

Nhaissi Orly

Adam Rule

Joseph and Carson Gleberman

Katrina Strohl

Monica Kirkland

Constance Barnes-Watson

Johnny Acevedo

Maribelle Bostic

Sanjay Sarathy

Tatiana Boothe

Chioma Dunkley

Ana Pichardo

Shyama Puliyanda

Jermaine Felder

Blaze Burgess

Hoa and Matt Newton

Gwen R. Libstag

Michael J. Graziano

David and Katherine Bradley

Amber Barrie

Charlie and Jocelyn Gailliot

Anas Ghazi

Nahean Rahman

Matilda Wysocki

George Ingleton

Ian McKenzie

Arshan Ashraf

Madeline Vera

Jermaine Pinckney

Jermaine Donaldson

Arjuna Alaganar

Samuel Longair

Jessica Gillota

Mark Browning

Johnny Lin

Ryan Williams

Andrew Vlahutin

Ryan Daley

Claire Godwin

We’re committed to making a difference. Invest in our community today!


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