The Knowledge House (TKH) was founded in 2014 to close the gaps in the education­-to-­employment pipeline by leading digital skills training in coding and design for underserved young people in the Bronx. TKH combines technology training, career support, and a comprehensive network of partners to help disconnected job seekers secure rewarding careers in the tech economy and become financially independent.TKH aims to lift entire communities out of poverty by creating a pipeline of talented and capable workers equipped with the technology and skills that provide economic opportunity, living wages, and career mobility.

Nationwide, there are 531,200 new technology jobs, with a projected growth of 11% over the next decade. College degrees are not required for nearly half of these open positions, and with tech sector jobs increasing exponentially year over year, there is now an unprecedented opportunity for traditionally underrepresented populations to enter these career pathways.There is a critical need for job training and workforce development programming to ensure underserved young people are not left behind. 



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graduation rate

3 out of 4

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In 2016, TKH launched the Bronx Digital Pipeline (BxDP), a strategic partnership among workforce development nonprofits and higher education institutions offering tech skills training to Bronx-based young people to build a diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem for the borough. BxDP’s collective goal is to place 1,500 graduates in tech jobs earning more than $55,000 in the next decade.

TKH is an award winning nonprofit that achieves positive community outcomes.

In 2018, TKH won an Innovation Challenge Award by the Lumina Foundation for its BxDP work. In 2019, TKH won the Kapor Center’s Tech Done Right Challenge, which recognized BxDP for being an innovative solution that builds a diverse, inclusive, and thriving local tech ecosystem.  Most recently, TKH’s CEO was recognized as a Trailblazer by the Community Resource Exchange and recently became a TED2020 Emerging Innovator.


Bronx-native, Jerelyn is a graduate from Columbia University and developed a career in city politics and education. In 2016 she was named on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Education list and is currently on the leadership council for South Bronx Rising Together, a board member at Creo College Prep and the KIPP Foundation.

Jerelyn Rodriguez, Co-Founder & CEO

Joe brings a wealth of experience from a successful career as an incubator manager, intrapreneur, product specialist and web developer. He led the launch of BXL Bronx Business Incubator where he coached over 50 startups and businesses and is Founder and Chief Technical Consultant of a Bronx based technology consultancy, 718 Digital Inc.

Joe Carrano, Co-Founder & CTO

Our Core Values

Our core values capture the beliefs shared at TKH. Staff refer to the core values when making decisions, defining goals and executing our work. Our values support the idea that “we don’t work alone”, emphasizing collaboration, communication, and responsibility. We look forward to sharing these values with you and inspiring you to embody them in your personal and professional lives.


Being willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal.

Growth Mindset

Not giving up and understanding that every “failure” is a learning lesson.


Being a role model to your fellow peers and community.


Using your skills to discover solutions that are new and unique.


Being resilient, enthusiastic, and determined to get up, work and push through obstacles.


Nurturing the talent, confidence, and strength of yourself and others.

Our mission is especially significant given the current COVID-19 crisis and its disproportionate impact on low-income populations. Offering digital skills training has become more important than ever, as workers are asked to transition to remote jobs and are in need of digital skills to return to work or advance in their job. Further, with millions of New Yorkers now unemployed or furloughed, the demand for meaningful career development has never been so urgent.

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