We have served over 1900 Black and Brown aspiring technologists, since our inception.


Our fellows acquire skills that empower them to navigate career pathways in tech.


We support our fellows with technical and career instruction toward rewarding careers.

Our Mission

The Knowledge House empowers and sustains a talent pipeline of technologists, entrepreneurs, and digital leaders, who will uplift their communities out of poverty.

We are a social change organization. We educate, empower, and serve young people from low-income communities in New York, Newark, Atlanta, and Los Angeles with the technology and workplace skills needed to launch successful careers in the technology industry. We passionately believe that young people should have the chance to succeed regardless of their financial circumstances or ethnic background.

Through our digital skills programs, The Knowledge House is transforming the tech industry by building an army of talented workers equipped with the latest skills needed in today’s economy.

the great restoration

Supporting a Talent-Driven Workforce

This fall, The Knowledge House is fundraising $2,500,000 toward supporting our Fellows and our national expansion in New York City, Newark, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Through the 2022 Fellowship Campaign, our fellows receive a lifetime opportunity to achieve their dreams as technologists.

The Great Restoration will ensure that The Knowledge House will continue to be the leader in our field and help develop the next generation of Black and Brown technologists

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What Our Students Have to Say

"Prior to TKH, I was facing stagnation in my career as an event manager. Thankfully I completed the Innovation Fellowship in 2020 and soon after completed six months of a Google Android Developer Program, where I discovered my technical superpower in Program/Product Management. I now have the pleasure of working at TKH as a Technical Project Manager."

— Jahaziel Israel

Technical Project Manager at The Knowledge House

What Our Students Have to Say

“TKH opened me up to a world that I didn’t think was possible without going to college first. I've met people and made connections I could have never dreamed of, and I'm now in a better place than if I had just gone straight to college. It was a great way to learn what I wanted to do with my life without spending thousands of dollars on a degree first.”

— Kamili Saint-leger

Snap Lens Academy Scholar at Snap Inc.


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