The Knowledge House was founded by Jerelyn Rodriguez, a community organizer committed to giving back to her Bronx community, and Joe Carrano, a self taught developer from Brooklyn, who moved to the Bronx after witnessing gentrification in his neighborhood. In 2014, we started The Knowledge House to uplift low income communities, like the Bronx, out of poverty. In Hunts Point, where we’re headquartered, 43% of young adults are out of school and out of work. 90% of these youth consume technology products on a daily basis. The career opportunities within the technology sector mean that we can invest in these young adults so they don’t get left behind.

The Knowledge House creates additional pathways for low-income youth to lead happy lives, whether they are going to college, have dropped out, or have no interest in attending. Through a grassroots approach, we are strengthening the educational to work pipeline by developing tomorrow’s leaders in technology and entrepreneurship. If we can spur authentic economic development in the poorest congressional district, then we can do it anywhere. Help us reach our mission of building a pipeline of 1,000 technologists and entrepreneurs coming from low income communities.