The Knowledge House Innovation Fellowship is designed to promote technology-based career opportunities for NYC residents in the areas of web development, data science, and design. The fellowships will serve New Yorkers from diverse backgrounds, some with little to no formal post-secondary education or tech experience, and turn them into entry-level programmers.

The 2020 Innovation Fellowship

Data Science with Python

In the age of online content and social media people are generating more data than ever before in human history. It has become more important than ever for companies, governments, and communities to be able to leverage this data to create new products, services and generally improve quality of life. 

This class aims to take you from little to know programming experience to junior data scientists capable with using technology based in the Python programming language to pull useful and actionable information out of the sea of data that surrounds us everyday. In this class you will learn the full extent of the Python programming language, how to access, clean and analyze web data, and how to work directly with databases using both Python and SQL. 

In this class you will be given real world data sets to learn how to run analysis with major python libraries, and finally learn how to create online data dashboards to display your findings. This course will teach you these in demand skills through real world projects and code challenges in a supportive community environment.

Program graduates will be prepared to pursue entry-level positions as data scientists and data analysts with the opportunity to earn $60,000 or more.

Web Development & Design

Throughout this course, you will learn how to create full stack web applications that look great on web and mobile, and support a seamless user experience from one platform to the next. 

The Javascript programming language is the backbone of the web and this fellowship will bring you from little to know programming experience to being  a JS wizard through real world practice and projects. Learn all the industry tools that power your favorite apps from creating beautiful fast and responsive interfaces with Facebook’s ReactJS to creating powerful server side applications with Node JS and the Express framework. 

You will also work on real teams ideating, designing and finally building a real world product, in addition to several personal projects and your online portfolio. This class will give u the skills tools and real world experience to enter the tech field and change your life. 

Program graduates will be prepared to pursue entry-level positions as software developers and front end engineers with the opportunity to earn $60,000 and more.

Cyber Security and Networking

The Innovation Fellowship for Careers in Cyber Security and Networking will be offered in 2021, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer and Bronx Community College. The program is 500 hours and will prepare participants for post-secondary opportunities or entry level jobs in IT, networking and application security positions in the New York City technology ecosystem.

The technical content will be broken into three content areas and test prep to be evaluated by technical assessments and project presentations: Unix Windows System and Python Programming Fundamentals Network Security, Routing and Switching Fundamentals Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics, Information gathering.

By the end of the program, graduates would be able to transfer into Bronx Community College with 12 college credits, and they will be prepared to take the following 3 certifications aligned to the coursework.

Usability Testing & User Experience Design

Usability Testing is a useful tool that complements any number of technical and design skillsets, making those proficient in the discipline more hirable. It is a highly effective methodology for improving ease-of-use through iterative design.

In this program, students will learn the basics of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) as well as gain a better understanding of many design theories and practices actually used in the workforce today. This course builds upon foundations introduced in Hostos Community College’s DD106 Introduction to Usable Design by giving students the opportunity to establish professional protocols for developing, implementing, analyzing, and reporting usability tests.

Graduates receive a certicificate of Completion from Hostos Community College.


The Innovation Fellowship is a new and improved job training program that launched in September 2020. During technical instruction, fellows will be assigned coding problems to solve in pairs or individually. The career development portion of the program covers strategies, tactics, and examples regarding the essential professional skills needed to cultivate one’s career path in the tech industry. In addition, monthly check-ins are our way of ensuring fellows have adequate resources and support to graduate. Finally, as part of the fellowship, students will prepare for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud project-basedt practitioner certificate.

In 2021, TKH will offer four Innovation Fellowship tracks, offering 12 months of project-based training, work-based learning and an a paid imternship at the end of the program for eligible students. Student will be provided with supportive services:







Omolola "Lola" Abudu

Software Developer


Ivan Felix

Software Engineer


Franklin Ajisogun

Junior Analyst


Leticia Moreno

Operations Lead

Lola got started preparing for her tech career at The Knowledge House. Now she works at Citibank. Hear her story.

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