The Knowledge House

The youth disconnection rate in the Bronx is 36%

We started TKH because the kids in our neighborhood of the South Bronx were jobless. 36% of 16-24 year olds in the South Bronx are disconnected from school and work. At the same time, most technical education programs in the Bronx are delivered in school. By creating local technology programs, in and outside of the classroom, The Knowledge House offers alternative pathways for disconnected young adults, while preventing youth disconnection for high school students.

The Opportunity

We have a huge opportunity to prepare young people for the 1.4 million tech jobs that will be available nationwide by 2020. About a third of these projected jobs will go unfilled unless we develop a diverse technology pipeline in low income neighborhoods like the South Bronx. Since, half of these jobs will not require a Bachelor’s degree, these jobs are more attainable disconnected youth.

In the face of increased poverty, economic inequality and unemployment, The Knowledge House is dedicated to placing young adults at the center of leading innovation in their neighborhoods to spur community-based economic development. TKH invests in underutilized young adults so that they may develop professionally and launch careers or ventures to uplift their communities.

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What Students say?

The Advanced JavaScript class I took at The Knowledge House actually helped me create a better game. I just needed more skills.

Sergio Garcia