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Volunteering & Corporate Engagement

Our volunteers help us carry out our mission of empowering and sustaining a talent pipeline of young technologists and digital leaders. TKH has partnered with numerous industry professionals with varying spheres of influence within the tech space. These volunteers offer professional development, mentoring, and interview preparation. Technical volunteers support fellows with study sessions, white-boarding, and coding challenges.

Whether you’re a web developer who can create curriculum or a non-tech professional who can conduct mock interviews, there’s a place for you in our Volunteer Initiative Program (VIP).

The VIP program is also open to corporations interested in volunteering and sponsorship opportunities. Each year, TKH invites corporations to sponsor our fellows' program needs like technology, internet access, and cash assistance. Sponsor benefits include brand recognition, volunteering and hiring engagements, access to thought-leadership events, speaking opportunities, and cohort naming rights. Committed partners are invited to represent their companies on our Tech Advisory Board.


"I have been extraordinarily lucky to have multiple mentors and teachers throughout my engineering career who helped me grow into the successful technologist I am today. I chose to volunteer at TKH, because I wanted to give back to my community and help mentor and tutor others, especially those who are under-represented in the tech community. I derive immense satisfaction from seeing the students spending time and dedication to learn complex topics in accelerated time frames. I am also extremely proud of the students using their learnings to work on projects to help better their communities and the world at large."

Michael Lieberman

Senior Software Factory Engineer at Citi

Special Events

Mock Interview

Guest Speaking

Lead a Workshop

Curriculum Review

Technical Review

Fellow Mentorship

Tech Advisory Board

Volunteer Engagements

Our Volunteer Initiative Program is designed to connect companies and corporate professionals to diverse and ambitious local talent. Corporate volunteerism creates opportunities for our fellows and alumni to access career and technical development as they break into the tech sector. We create engaging experiences for industry professionals to connect with aspiring technologists, cultivate talent and participate in enriching work experiences.

Top Volunteer Partnerships

Bloomberg x TKH
Hack of Knowledge

70+ Bloomberg Volunteers participated in a weekend hackathon with students and create a volunteer portal.

Office Hours

Host Open Office Hours on the first Friday of every month since October 2020

4 -7 volunteers each session

Earnest Young
Mock Interviews

60 volunteers

90 hours

2 day event

120 hours of mock interviewing

560 hours in tutoring

20 hours of speaking & classroom engagement

100+ volunteer roster

Make a Difference as a Mentor

Mentors are an essential part to the success story of our fellows and alumni. This year-long, one-on-one volunteer commitment and relationship connects.

Through advice, coaching, and relationship building, mentors empower and impact the lives of aspiring technologists and help to inspire young people who have been traditionally excluded from the digital economy.

To learn more email Derrick Stroman at dstroman@theknowledgehouse.org or sign up below!

Volunteering Benefits

  • Demonstrates DEI commitment and social responsibility
  • Employee leadership development and retention
  • Recruit a diverse pipeline of tech talent

In Partnership with Bloomberg

Bloomberg is partnering with The Knowledge House to provide underserved young people of color with pathways to well-paying tech job through tutoring, mock interviews and more.

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We know what it takes to flourish in the tech economy, and our alumni land high-paying jobs, many at Fortune 500 companies.

We’re committed to making a difference. Support our community today!

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